Björn Gimstedt CV

Born 1953 in Rio de Janeiro.
Grew up in Stockholm in a Art interested home where the Modern Museum in the vibrant 60´s served as a natural playground

After studies in Theoretical Philosophy (Lund -71, Stockholm -72) and half an Architect education (Lund -72 to -74), I followed the spirits of time and left the academic path for a life as a bluecollar worker in the heavy industry and lived in various collective housings.

Chance brought me to Sundsvall 1975 where I worked at the Gränges Aluminum plant for five years and then, after further education in welding and repairing, ten years at Sunds Defibrator.

In the middle of the 80’s, my interest in pictures caught up with me. I started painting again, exhibited locally and in 1991 I quit my job to be a full-time cultural worker as an artist and musician

To survive, I have alternated this with various project positions as a craftsman. For a while as a blacksmith and technical designer at Teater Västernorrland (where I worked with several sets during the 90s) and as a decor painter and craftsman at Sundsvall’s museum. Since the year 2000, I am self-employed and have continued to alternate art with crafts.

various exhibitions.

Timrå art association1999
Hallstahammars art association2000
Kungsörs art association2000
Hudiksvall, Gallery Näcken2001
Visby, Gallery 52001/03
Stockholm/Gallery Hantverket2005/08
Ånge art gallery2006
Museum of Örnsköldsviks2006
 Sundsvalls art association2008
 Västerås artist association2009
 Museum of Sundsvall 2012
 Arne Jones art gallery2013
 Y-salongen Museum of Härnösand2016
 Söderhamns art association2018
 Museum of Sundsvall2018/19
 Mittsalongen Östersund2019
 Västerås art gallery2019 

Public works of art:

Church of Torsåker2000/01 
Church of Selånger2000 
Sundsvalls kommun2001 
Church of Alnö2002 
Hospice in Sundsvall2007 
Sundsvalls kommun2008 
Church of Granloholm2010
Timrå kommun2014
Sundvalls kommun2014
Kalmar landsting/morgue of Vimmerby2018
Söderhamns kommun2019

purchased by

  • Kungsörs kommun 2000
  • Örnsköldsviks kommun 2006,
  • Sundsvalls kommun 1998 – 2019
  • Landstinget Västernorrland 2007, 2014
  • Söderhamns kommun 2018
  • Museum of Sundsvall 2019


Awarded the Göran Dahlberg-scholarship (2016).

Published three books on
Things that looks like art (2014)
Fragment (2015)
Fundamenta (2019)

The candlestick I made in 2000 for Torsåker’s church is now available as a motif on a stamp in the series “Church art for 1000 years”. Published by the Swedish Postal Service 2014-05-08, which at least for us in the upper middle age appears a little honoring.

On behalf of Stockholm University of the Arts, as artistic documentation, I followed the rehearsal work of the Strindberg play “Dance of Death” at Teater Västernorrland from April 15 to June 9, 2020, which resulted in the videos “Ett slags dödsdansen 1 & 2”

Awarded the adult educational association BILDAs middle east-scholarship (2020)